New Balance NBx sixth-generation top-support running shoes 1260v6

Published: Wednesday 09 November, 2016
New Balance NBx sixth-generation top-support running shoes 1260v6 NBx series is the core of New Balance professional running shoes lifeline, top running shoes known for it is synonymous with New Balance extreme performance. Since the date of birth, NBx series has been insisting on "professional, rigorous, user-friendly" design concept to develop shoes. The use of NBx this name is also a far-reaching intention: X symbolizes the X power, represents the New Balance for the professional performance of the infinite pursuit of running shoes. In the marathon season, New Balance heavy launched NBx flagship support running shoes series sixth generation upgrade section New Balance 1260v6. Buffer technology fully armed 1260 re-evolution, N2 top nitrogen shock absorber with ABZORB cushioning in the end, combined with REVlite ultra-lightweight material, for the ultimate experience to experience the shock experience, the project to stabilize the foot surface to make more comfortable foot control. T-BEAM high-strength bridge in order to accelerate feedback such as lightning. Multi-technology under the 1260v6 will be the best runners who are the best partners.
As the representative of the New Balance cushioning technology, the whole palm nitrogen cushioning system N2 Burst technology has almost become the standard high-end running shoes, to meet the buffer, shock and other functions, so that soles become more thin, Long-distance running in the feet, knees and other parts from injury. N2 with Abzorb patented shock-absorbing material, not only reduce the weight of the shoe, more effectively improve the cushioning and resilience. In the end part of the more joined the REVite ultra-lightweight foam in the end, the most lightweight of the ultimate buffer effect, for runners to create excellent running experience. Three cushioning technology at the same time use to create the top support the new height of running shoes. T-Beam support stabilizer added to the bottom, the technology from New Balance long arch support design experience, providing runners need protection and support, while improving the stability of the pace. V5 ultra-thin hot support the vamp technology evolution to the v6 engineering network technology, such as 1260v6 shoes and socks, such as general fit closely to the foot of the runners, reducing unnecessary power loss, so that running shoes combined with the runners, And constantly go beyond their own, ran out of the best level.